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 Marketplace Rules

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PostSubject: Marketplace Rules   Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:49 am

The marketplace has strict rules. Anyone who goes against or breaks ANY of these rules will be banned.
This is a marketplace for console selling/modification shops or general selling if it's within the guide lines of the site rules and to do with gaming consoles and extras.

1. DO NOT sell anything other than gaming consoles, equipment, or games.

2. DO NOT blame the site if you get scammed or lose money, it is suggested that you buy from a trusted seller, otherwise it will not be our problem all we can do is ip ban them.

3. Do NOT ask staff to give you a trusted seller badge. You will recieve one if we see you have gain trust by doing it.

4. No asking for rep when selling it will be counted as rep boosting and can lead to bans.

5. No advertising other shops or advertising your own unless staff permit it, setting up shops in the forum is fine but do not link to off site shops.

These are here for your safety. Do not break any of the rules of risk IP Banning possible further consequences.
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Marketplace Rules
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